I’ve been following stand up specials since a long time, and I’ve watched almost every stand up special by Indian stand up comedians! Here’s the list of some specials which managed to make me laugh like anything.

Let’s Start with AMAZON PRIME STAND UP to Avoid*.

  •  Naveen Richard : Don’t Make That Face
  • Nishant Tanwar Dilli Se Hoon BC
  • Kanan Gill Keep it Real
  • Chai Time with Kenny Sebastian

Now Let’s Talk About Must Watch AMAZON PRIME STAND UP.

  • Kal Main Udega – Rahul Subramanian’s stand up comedy solo ‘Kal Main Udega’ is filled with unrelated topics, no transitions, inconsequential takes on consequential subjects and also a bit of mildly bad dancing.A 60 minute fun ride of jokes which, like the name of the solo, is purely aimed at not making any sense, which coincidentally also happens to be the purpose of life.
  • Haq Se Single by Zakir Khan – This stand up special got the attention even before it’s release. Perhaps, it was the most awaited ever video on Amazon Prime. Zakir Khan as always nailed in this stand up special. Zakir’s material in this special was quite similar as of his old videos in the genre of love and breakups.
  • Biswa Mast Aadmi by Biswa Kalyan Rath – By one of the most underrated guy in the Indian stand up comedy, this stand up special is my one of the favorite stand up special of all time. Biswa Kalyan Rath, in this special tells some of his stories from his childhood, breaking some stereotypes; which would surely give you a laugh for 60 minutes of the show.

Don’t Want to Read – Watch This –

*These are my personal opinion as viewer, do share your opinion in the comment section.

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