YouTube Experiment in Subscription Feeds

Companies like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, YouTube this week confirmed that it is “experimenting” with a way to organize its users Subscription Feeds.

That removes reverse chronological order and uses algorithms to “personalize” the video order. Update came from  @TeamYouTube on Twitter after they replied to a user.

“We are currently experimenting with how to show content in the subs feed,” a YouTube representative said on Twitter. “We find that some viewers are able to more easily find the videos they want to watch when we order the subs feed in a personalized order vs always showing most recent video first.”

On YouTube homepage and in the sidebar of other videos, many YouTubers to respond negatively to the change of the last chronological list of videos that could be found on the service. Unclear what experiment is currently taking place on.

Demonetization is the unspoken word at the heart of this issue. Creators already struggle to put their videos in front of people, fighting against growing restrictions and an ever changing notification systems for people who are subscribed to their channels.

The subscription feed, as problematic as it is, remains one of the few ways for creators to connect directly with their audience, and ensure those people will at least see new videos when they publish.

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